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"The energy in our Dealership since the Retreat has been unbelievably positive, thanks TJ!"


"Even though I've been at this for 27 years...I finally tried the CRM tools and they really work!"


"In just a week we sold a car and had the most successfull car seat inspection event ever...Thanks!"


"You were right TJ, just focusing on my listening skills is helping me improve."


"Everyone agrees, this was the best seminar ever and we ALL would recommend it for any dealership...just none of our competitors."


"I didn't really like the idea of spending a day in class, but this was energetic and enlightening, even for an old timer like me."


"Just doing some of the free and easy things you shared I'm sure will grow my sales over time."


Relationships to Revenue

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"Investing in the continuous improvement of our sales and service team is critical in today's competitive marketplace."

Our research tells us that most automotive dealerships want to;

  • sell more cars
  • increase fixed operations revenue
  • enhance overall team effectiveness
  • strengthen customer relationships
  • And, bottom line...make more money

Question is:

What are you willing to do to make the necessary changes to enhance customer relationships?

"If you keep doing what you've always done, you will keep getting the results you are getting, unless the competition continues to improve." - TJ Wisner

At The CPO Institute, we believe:

  • Everyone sells something
  • Selling is all about relationships
  • Relationships are all about communication
  • Communication skills enhance performance
  • Performance Improvement is all about change
  • Each one of us is responsible for the change we need to see

Some of your experienced team members will think they won't like the idea of spending a day away from the showroom floor...but most will find tremendous value in this day.

A few of your team members might get little value from the days activities, but the fact is, most will become more engaged in creating strong customer relationships and growing revenue.

The CPO Institute is offering a customized version of our popular "Relationships to Revenue Retreat" for automotive dealerships. During this jammed packed day of interactive learning, your team will:

  • Discover a fresh perspective on selling skills
  • Explore key elements of personal change
  • Discuss growth opportunities for your Dealership
  • Examine personal growth potential
  • Identify action items to grow dealership revenue
  • Develop personal improvement initiatives

If your team doesn't need help in creating stronger relationships with customers, community and co-workers, congratulations. If they do...

Call and speak with me personally at 810.569.5858

Who should attend?

Any dealership team members who interface with customers, this means Sales, Service, Cashiers, Department Managers et cetera.


Generally 8:00 to 4:30 typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays with half of your team in each Retreat, but we are very flexible and will work with you.


You select and arrange for the site. This works best at an offsite location where participants can sit at round tables of 4-6 each.

How many participants attend a Retreat?

Because these are highly interaction workshops, it is recommended that 14-24 participants per Retreat with most dealerships requiring two sessions.

My store is too small can I partner with another?

Absolutely! But we recommend delivering the Retreat in a centrally located city wherein two or three dealers who don't "compete" will share the Retreat and investment costs.

Is there any required pre-work?

General Managers are encouraged to communicate the need for improvement in the way the organization build relationships with customers, community and co-workers and set the tone for expecting individual improvement plans.

Will you offer the same training to my competition?

Absolutely, but be the first to invest in this opportunity for you team and we will not deliver it to any of your direct competitors.

How much will it cost?

That's a bit like asking how much does a car cost. Give us a call and we will determine your needs and the best options for your team.

Are these Retreats just for Automotive Dealerships?

Although we have a great amount of experience in the automotive industry, the foundations of this learning opportunity can be, and have been applied to any number of sales and customers service organizations.

What makes these Retreats any different from other sales training?

Because our high level of experience in the human performance improvement and automotive industries and our wealth of expertise in sales and customer


If you have made it this far, it is likely you are in the top 10% of ALL US Dealerships.

Why do I say that? Because you care enough about your human capital to willingly offer them an opportunity to grow and prosper. Furthermore, you realize that if you do not make the necessary changes in today's marketplace, your future may not be so bright.

Positive change requires hard work, knowledge, vision and among other

Our clients report a significant ROI from these Retreats* and a major positive IOB or Impact on Business.

If you want your team to focus on performance improvement, building strong teams, developing long-lasting customer relationships and personal accountability, contact me today. Let's create a custom tailored Retreat for your organization!

In fact, you can book one of these highly productive Retreats for as little as $85** per attendee if you act now. Call me directly at 810.569.5858 or drop me a line at

*Retreat includes a one-hour "Coaching" conference call, two weeks after your event to encourage application of learning

** Includes limited "Michigan Sales Stimulus" discount and no overnight accommodations.