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Q: What is BYOCPOTM?

A: The Be Your Own Chief Performance Officer Process is a way of thinking and acting. It is a philosophy, an attitude, a way of life. It put you in charge of your performance in both your personal and professional life.

Q: How did the BYOCPOTM Process come about?

A: Through our work with thousands of businesses and individuals, we have identified several key success factors. When these factors are ignored or overlooked, people fail to fulfill their desired dreams and goals. When these factors are implemented, people achieve the level of prosperity they have defined.

Q: Why do I need a coach?

A: Utilizing a coach and receiving confidential guidance and encouragement can help keep you tracking toward your success.

Q: How does the BYOCPOTM Coaching process work?

A: If you have never enlisted a coach, The CPO Institute makes it simple. First, call and schedule your free half hour coaching assessment call. You will be assigned one of our coaches and you will discuss your needs. Based on the results of that call, you will decide how to proceed. The CPO Institute offers three levels of coaching; silver, gold and platinum. Talk to an advisor and select a starting point meets your needs.

Q: Can I select my own BYOCPOTM Coach?

A: The CPO Institute has selected coaches based on their high levels of trust, knowledge of the BYOCPOTM Process, and specific areas of expertise. Coaches are typically assigned based on your specific needs. It is common that clients who are working with one coach will highly recommend them to a friend. For that we a grateful and will honor personal requests based on the specific coaches availability.

Q: How can we get TJ Wisner to speak to our organization?

A: Simply call The CPO Institute and discuss your needs, possible dates, and the rest is very easy.

Q: Are the Executive Retreats for couples only?

A: The CPO Institutes Retreats are for anyone who wants to truly make an investment in their own life. We have found that the most effective way to fully engage the BYOCPOTM Process in your life, is to attend a retreat with a spouse, significant other, peer, friend, (or better yet, all of the above).

Q: Can we schedule a private BYOCPOTM Retreat or Seminar?

A: The CPO Institute will do everything possible to meet you and your organizations needs. Due to schedules, it is very important you contact us today and begin the process to custom deliver your program.