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Terry "TJ" Wisner biography

Terry "TJ" Wisner, MBA, is the founder of The CPO Institute (a division of Partnering to Success, LLC), a Michigan-based company inspiring performance improvement that generates necessary change.

TJ is a successful speaker, coach, and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience training executives, small business owners and CEOs. He has worked with thousands of companies ranging from small to Fortune 50, and has helped tens of thousands of individuals enhance their performance in both their personal and professional lives.

By providing clients with individual and organizational coaching, entertaining keynotes and seminars, TJ helps people generate necessary change by becoming their own Chief Performance Officer. He is captivating, thought provoking, entertaining and informative. People refer to him as the "Life Saver Dude" because of his ability to inspire them to make the necessary changes that lead to success and prosperity.

TJ is the current president-elect of the National Speakers Association-Michigan as well as a member of the International Federation for Professional Speakers. His work has been featured in Selling Power Magazine, Advanced Selling for Dummies, and His publications include dozens of articles and two co-authored business books: Transformational Leadership and Craft a Life of Passion, Purpose and Prosperity.

"My decades of experience in sales, organizational leadership and life have offered me a unique and enlightening perspective. I am able to tailor my message to the needs of the audience," says TJ.

Create a memorable and valuable experience for your audience as TJ stirs the imagination, touches the heart, and reveals the BYOCPO Process. Keynote attendees will gain clarity, focus and accountability in their lives that will ultimately lead to greater personal and professional success.