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Areas of Expertise:

Meeting Planner Resources

Previous Clients Include:
ACDelco - American Business Women - Automotive Service Association - Benchmark Hospitality - Boys & Girls Club of America - Colorado Customer Service Association - C.S. Mott Foundation - Comcast Cable - Department of Defense - Eagen Distributors - Ford Motor Company - General Motors Corporation - GMAC - Int'l Association Administration Professionals - Johnson Industries - Kettering University - Leader Dogs for the Blind - Michigan Society of Association Executives - Motherly Intercession - MMPI Summit - NADA - United Way of Michigan - West Virginia Education Association - Women's Business Network - xpedx

TJ, Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of Professional (and not so professional) speakers. You are definitely one of the most professional, and yet, at the same time such a pleasure to work with. Thank you!

B.E. Quertermous, Presentation Associates

One of our members with over 20 years experience and has had an opportunity to hear many speakers said; "He was the best speaker I have ever heard." Thank you for inspiring me and our entire group. Thank you so much for all you do. You truly are a "life saver."

Kerri Dunton, American Business Womens Association

"If it wasn't for Terry Wisner and the free beer, the entire conference would have been a waste of time. Thanks! All the insights and tips on performance improvement hit home...personally and professionally."

John Harms, National Automotive Dealers Association

Keynote Topics for Leadership

Speaker and coach Terry "TJ" Wisner has experience. He has helped literally thousands of small to medium sized businesses become more profitable. TJ is an experienced leader, coach, and consultant who has helped leaders and their employees improve performance. He will deliver a speech that will inspire your audience to generate the necessary changes which will drive your organization to success. TJ will customize a program for you based on your specific needs.

TJ's experience, research and passion offer a unique perspective on what it takes to be a successful leader in these highly competitive times. His presentations are based on the assumption that your audience is driven toward:

  • Growth and Development
  • Increased Performance
  • Enthusiastic customers
  • Retaining employees
  • Maintaining life balance

Kick-off your meeting or conference with a message of performance improvement. TJ's enthusiasm, energy, and authenticity will inspire your audience to generate change. The following are three of TJ's most requested, leadership-focused keynote topics that will be custom tailored and will target specific areas of improvement for your organization:

Leadership - "Don't Just Do It!"

Generate change and improve performance!
The BYOCPO Process will help you drive your team to higher levels of performance. Experience success you never imagined possible. Reveal new possibilities. This fun, interactive and energetic presentation will help leaders:

  • Discover and apply the BYOCPO Principles
  • Build a team of CPO's
  • Enhance employee and customer enthusiasm
  • Improve the bottom line
  • Bring about life balance

TJ simplifies the leadership process and offers tools that will deliver results through this entertaining, interactive, and practical keynote address.

The "Entrepreneurialeader"

Will your audience be comprised of independent business owners? With this keynote address, TJ answers their needs. Profitability, customer satisfaction, engaged employees and more free-time are simple through the BYOCPO process. Business owners will learn why the phrase: "Become Your Own Chief Performance Officer" is the defining phrase of their future success. TJ will help entrepreneurs learn how to avoid common mistakes and how to successfully drive their small businesses to prosperity. Topics include the following:

  • Diving in is half the fun...and totally wrong
  • Five guarantees of failure and how to avoid them
  • Creating a CPO culture
  • Being The CPO

TJ has the experience to help the entrepreneur build a successful and prosperous business. This isn't some fluffy motivational speech. TJ delivers honest answers and offers tools for success.

Six Steps to Successful Succession Strategies

Is your association, non-profit organization, or small business prepared to lose its leader? Furthermore, what plans are in place for successful succession? There has never been a more important time for this keynote address. TJ will entertain the audience, touch a nerve or two, and reveal his "can't miss" tips and techniques to prepare for a successful leadership transition. Topics include the following:

  • Tragedy: It happens to the best of us
  • "What are we going to do now?" is a question of the past
  • The keys to successful successiveness
  • What is your specific strategy?

TJ's experience with associations, non-profit organizations and small businesses gives him a unique perspective. Stuff happens and people change but it doesn't have to destroy your organization.