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Inspiring performance improvement
that generates necessary change

Areas of Expertise:

Meeting Planner Resources

Previous Clients Include:
ACDelco - American Business Women - Automotive Service Association - Benchmark Hospitality - Boys & Girls Club of America - Colorado Customer Service Association - C.S. Mott Foundation - Comcast Cable - Department of Defense - Eagen Distributors - Ford Motor Company - General Motors Corporation - GMAC - Int'l Association Administration Professionals - Johnson Industries - Kettering University - Leader Dogs for the Blind - Michigan Society of Association Executives - Motherly Intercession - MMPI Summit - NADA - United Way of Michigan - West Virginia Education Association - Women's Business Network - xpedx

TJ, Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of Professional (and not so professional) speakers. You are definitely one of the most professional, and yet, at the same time such a pleasure to work with. Thank you!

B.E. Quertermous, Presentation Associates

One of our members with over 20 years experience and has had an opportunity to hear many speakers said; "He was the best speaker I have ever heard." Thank you for inspiring me and our entire group. Thank you so much for all you do. You truly are a "life saver."

Kerri Dunton, American Business Womens Association

"If it wasn't for Terry Wisner and the free beer, the entire conference would have been a waste of time. Thanks! All the insights and tips on performance improvement hit home...personally and professionally."

John Harms, National Automotive Dealers Association

Keynote Topics for Sales

Speaker and sales expert Terry "TJ" Wisner inspires performance improvement that generates necessary change. He has experienced selling on many levels and understands the challenges faced by a sales organization. Whether your team needs to become more fully engaged or could benefit from increased clarity, focus and accountability, TJ will deliver. If you need more "enthusiastic" customers during these difficult economic times, TJ can help.

You could choose a speaker who simply "talks" about sales.
You could choose a speaker who talks about achieving some marvelous feat and assigns three points which may (or may not) be relevant to your audience.
You could choose TJ, a speaker who has over 30 years of real-world sales experience and offers tools that will deliver results.

TJ will customize a program that will create a memorable experience and encourage your attendees to improve in the critical areas that you select. He may not be able to change the world in an hour, but he will certainly inspire your sales team or organization to think, work and act more effectively and become more productive. Furthermore, this is an outstanding way to kick-start a meeting or conference that is focused on individual and organizational performance improvement.

For a successful meeting or conference, begin with one of TJ's three most requested, sales-focused keynote topics:

Sales - "Don't Just Do It!"

During TJ's flagship presentation participants will examine and discover a unique process that will drive them to higher levels of clarity, focus and accountability. Sales excellence takes strategic and tactical thinking. With over 30 years of experience in sales and training, TJ understands this need and has developed tools that will prove beneficial for every member of your sales team.

This program will be customized to address the specific improvement needs of your sales team or audience. TJ will captivate your audience--women and men, Millennials and Radio Babies, "Rookies" and seasoned professionals--as he reveals strategies that generate change.

    In less than an hour, your audience will be exposed to:
  • Unique perspectives on sales types
  • The "Learn more to Earn more" strategy
  • How to leverage ALL resources to WIN
  • How to take responsibility for personal performance
  • How to "BYOCPO" (Be Your Own Chief Performance Officer)

TJ has a lifetime of sales and training experience that will deliver results. Combine this experience with humor, energy, and enthusiasm that will captivate your audience and your event will be a phenomenal success.

Ten Easy Ways to Lose Customers

Is Customer Retention important to you or your audience?
Does your organization or association need to SELL MORE?
Can your customer service and satisfaction improve?

This is a humorous talk that highlights exactly what NOT to do if customer satisfaction and retention is important. (Oh, and by the way, it better be!) Create a memorable experience for your attendees and generate the necessary change to drive improved performance and customer enthusiasm. This interactive and fun presentation is customizable to focus on the specific needs of your conference or meeting.

    Topics covered in this talk include:
  • How NOT to listen very well
  • How NOT to sell to women
  • How NOT to know your products and services
  • How NOT to communicate
  • How NOT to close the sale
  • and more!

TJ is a funny guy. Your audience will truly enjoy this tongue-in-cheek discussion of unsuccessful sales strategies.

Leader as Sales CPO

Organizational leaders and entrepreneurs will embrace the simplicity of the BYOCPO Process and how it leads to overall performance improvement. Every leader wants a sales team with clarity, focus and accountability. TJ will share the tools necessary for leaders to implement change, enhance team performance and increase the bottom-line.

  • Understanding how to build "Followership"
  • Assessing your Leadership style
  • Creating a "CPO Culture" in your organization
  • Define and create balance in your life

TJ will simplify the leadership process and inspire performance improvement that knows no limits.